No class at Georgetown Fitness 2pm tomorrow Feb 2nd

Sorry with road conditions as predicted and registered students not being able to make it.
I will be staying warm and off the roads tomorrow. If you plan to come call me! and I’ll let you know if I can get my car out.

I’ll move with you in spirit from our separate warm locations!
Love Your Body Love Your Life!

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Thank You Body!

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In the past couple of weeks I’ve realized how grateful I am to myself, for all my healthy efforts and to my body for responding to my efforts so that I feel better and actually am better. I often focus on how far I’ve yet to go…. and don’t give myself enough credit for the progress I’ve made. So Thank You Body!
We never know when or if injury or illness will strike. What a blessing and gift to ourselves to be able to face that day if/when it comes from a place of better health. Each “deposit” I make into my health puts me in a better position to heal when I need to.
I’m usually all about “feeling better”, because that ‘s what I notice. Do I feel good? Do I have the energy, ability, mobility… to do what I want to without pain, strain or excessive tiredness?  Now that is has been a couple of years down this (I’ve got to end the pain and feel better) path… I do feel better, much better in all ways. Physically I have less, tiredness abdominal pain, headaches, illness…  I also have more energy, a brighter outlook and a calmer more focused spirit (most days not all days 😉 progress is good!) It is easier to do what I need to do with energy left for what I want to do.  I realize that I not only feel better (which is great!) I am better! What’s not to like about that!
Are you feeling better? perhaps not all the time.. but some of the time?  Can you do a little more than you did before? Celebrate your progress!!  Give yourself credit for all you are doing to gently move yourself closer to health. It is important. Improving our health is as important as anything else very likely more important. Because it affects all aspects of our lives.
What small simple thing will you do for yourself today to feel better and ultimately be a healthier you? Today I will rest more. I’ve been feeling under the weather this past week, so I will let myself rest and regroup. Feeling poorly has really helped me see how much progress I’ve made. I used to feel like this  (and worse) every day… I’m so glad it is unsual now. Thank You Body and Thank You Self for doing what needs to be done to feel better.
Let me know how I can help. I’m glad to help you discover your path to feeling better/being healthier. I have had help along my way, let me help you along yours.

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Winter Weather Day!

          Everything here in the country is covered with ice… so a day to stay home for me.  If you are ever in doubt about whether I will make it in for class Please Call me! The weather plan is to post here and on the classes page if illness, road conditions or … will be keeping me at home. Today the coating of ice blocked the signal…. (satellite internet) so I was unable to post in a timely manner. So I called you.  If you have doubt please call and check. I hate for you to make a trip to class and find I can’t get there.
           Now that the satellite is thawed out… I’ll go try to chip my car out again…. not too successful the first time.  It is beautiful outside…. misty and gray with an edge of sparkle to everything. Wildbirds are very active at the feeders…. The blue jays and hairy woodpeckers chopping up the frozen mass of seed for the smaller birds.  I’ve gotten some needed home care done… cleaned up the kitchen… then messed it up again making choc chip blondies (allergen free)….  they are happily cooling now 10 more minutes till I get to cut them. Yum! Venision thawing to make spaghetti ( brown rice pasta of course!) for dinner.
           I’m off to go see if I can chip my way to open a car door…   once the spaghetti is simmering I plan to settle in with my knitting maybe I’ll actually get this sock finished today!

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I Invite You

Happiest of New Years!      I used this quote in class last week. I like it. It connects so well with Nia’s Sensation Scientist education for everyone. That I decided to post it here in case you didn’t make it to class this week. You can access free educational information from Nia headquarters using the link near the bottom of the “classes” page on this site. This quote is from “Coming Home to Your Body” by Carmen Renee Berry.                                                         “I invite you to join me in an adventure that begins be rejecting traditional notions of the body as an “it,” your possession, a beast to be tamed and mastered. Instead, create a new relationship with your body, allowing yourself to be led, taught, wooed and embraced.         I am the student, my body the teacher as I endeavor to understand more about myself in ways that are not easily described. Sometimes I see myself as a spy trying to crack a secret code. I long to understand the language of my body.                                                                   Become the student, the spy, searcher of priceless knowledge and treasure. Today tune in to your breath. How are you breathing right now? Deeply? Shallowly? Are you breathing at all? Many of my clients forget to breathe for long periods of time. Next identify the emotion your breath is expressing, such as relaxation, anxiety or irritation. What can you learn from your breathing pattern?”                                                                                 This quote speaks clearly to me of what I am doing. Learning to understand better and better what my body is telling me. I don’t feel like the spy example, but the student, the searcher of priceless knowledge… that resonates for me.  I hope to encourage and aid you along your way to understanding your body’s communications… to help you along your path to feeling so much better.  I do this thru class, these posts, emails…   Please let me know if there is more I can do to assist you.

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The Voice of Self-Care

Cardinal Ornament 2012The voice of self care is like birdsong, often overlooked in our modern, busy lifestyles. Please take a moment to tune in hear/sense what you need to do to help yourself along your path to feeling better and allow a little time and effort for self care. You will thank yourself and the people who love you will thank you too! Wild birds are around all seasons of the year. When you hear birdsong let it remind you to check in and see what self care would benefit you in that moment. Holiday activities, preparations, celebrations… can squeeze our time until we care for everything but ourselves… If you get off track please don’t beat yourself up! Just Glitter Gold Birdget back on track. Now, not later or next week…  Indulging in wondrous food is a part of the way we celebrate so indulge, enjoy, then wisely get right back on track. Please don’t let it become a long slide down that slippery slope…. just gently and kindly resume good self care and soon you’ll be moving along feeling better and better Hope your holidays are joyous!! 

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Happiest of Holidays!!

      Holiday Treat for us!!! Amy (the Nia teacher I first took classes with) will be teaching Wed December 19th at 10 am!!  Holiday Believe 2012Clear your calendar and come dance with us! I know it is not an easy time when you work during the day… but maybe you can get away just long enough! Shift your lunch time maybe?? This is the only Nia class in Georgetown next week.  If you’ve been missing Amy here’s your chance! 

     There will not be Nia classes on December 20th, 22nd and 26th to allow plenty of holiday celebrating (and recovering from celebrating…) Classes will resume on December 27th (there is class on the 27th) If you feel like you are missing out… put on your Nia music and dance! or pop in a DVD and dance along!

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Nia® Classes Start Tomorrow

 White Belt Icon Tomorrow morning I teach my first Nia® class! I’m feeling equal parts of excitement and nervousness…  Cross your fingers that I remember the choreography. Lucky for me Nia® is so wonderful any slips I make will evaporate and disappear in the great energy 🙂 I’d love for you to come and dance with us.  10am Georgetown Fitness See you there!

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Start Right Here Right Now

Spirited Movement for Body and Soul

          Something I really appreciate about Nia® is the way you start right here right now, wherever you are. There is room for all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter, start (where ever you are on the spectrum of ability)… feel the pleasure of what you can do, move near your edge of comfort… but stay in what feels good to your body. It is easy to get carried away by the emotion, the fun, the spirit… and out pace your body. Then you may end up sore and perhaps doubting yourself. Stay with the physical sensation in your body (tired muscles are good, hurting, exhausted or feelings of strain are not good) and progress over time without the setbacks of soreness and strain. In time, your body will keep up with your emotion and spirit and you will be dancing freely. Making friends with yourself will have profound effects in your life! Listen to your self-talk, would you say those things in that way to your friend? probably not. Would you sit quietly while your friend was causing themselves pain? or say “ease off a little, you are going a bit too far”?  I’m here to say “ease off a little here…  be kind to yourself”. While we are at it, let’s celebrate our successes and accomplishments too okay? not just the big ones but the things we accomplish every day that keeps things going. We all do far more then we give ourselves credit for.

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Nia Class information!

Hello Everyone!                                                                                                                                      At Last I have Classes for you!! 

Getting The Most From Your Nia® Experience                                                                  Curious about Nia®? Heard the “buzz” and wonder what is Nia®? Now is the time to find out! Ask your questions, air your concerns and get your curiosity satisfied. Informational hand-outs, tips to maximize your experience and 10% off Nia® class registration available during this class. 3 sessions to choose from.  cost is $5                                              Wednesday October 10th 10am or Thursday Oct 11th 10am or Saturday October 13th 2pm.

 Nia with L Beth Stone
Nia blends Dance, Martial arts, and healing arts to create a sensory based dynamic fitness and lifestyle practice that changes how people experience their body and exercise! Come dance, kick, stretch, shake and laugh with us!
 Beginning Oct 17th Wednesday & Thursday 10am  Saturday 2pm
Cost: $ 10 drop-in  $40 for 5 class card $80 for 12 class card (class cards expire in 12 weeks)
All registrations made through Beth.
Group classes are ongoing… private and small group classes available by appointment.
For details and to register contact: or call 502 316-3651
Location: Georgetown Fitness
Bonus:  15 minute Sauna available after class (for class participants) for an additional $2

    Of course if there are better times and spaces for you let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
                 I look forward to hearing from you!!  Beth

P.S. I’m also teaching this class (in case you are interested)

Journaling… Write Yourself into a Better Life
There are so many styles, types and techniques for journaling. This “form” was an “ah-ha” moment for me… a simple leap.
If you are interested this class could continue… as we explore our way through.
Materials including a 29 page booklet provided.
    Saturday Nov 10th 4:30 pm
    Tuesday Nov 13th 10am & 6pm
cost: $10
Location: Scott County Arts & Cultural Center, 117 North Water Street Georgetown Ky.

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Happy Autumnal Equinox 2012

fall trees          Twice a year we experience the equinox. The natural balance day equals night. It is a good time to look at our own balance. I’ve made an effort today to take action in several areas of my life to enhance my balance (home care, learning the Nia choreography, self care, fun, family, creative work, time in nature and prayer not necessarily in that order) Are you feeling balanced today?

          As the season turns to fall, we begin to turn inward and start to spend more time indoors. Time to harvest what we have grown / nurtured / created… during the spring and summer and shelter things too fragile to stay outside through the cold. We begin to look towards Winter’s dark. What will you harvest / gather/ preserve… to see you thru the winter?  I’m gathering the usual herbs and veggies from the garden… there are pumpkins turning orange out there… the continuing rewards of taking persistent small steps towards a healthier me… the growth and knowledge of Nia white belt training… the love of family and friends (it makes my heart sing to feel that sweet love flowing into me) Fall weather has arrived early this year… the outdoors is 4 to 5 weeks ahead of usual. The weather has been beautiful, cool nights and clear blue skies.

          I have plenty of projects to keep me busy this winter. How about you?

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