Are You Ready For Spring?

over 5 inches of wet spring snow so far today...

over 5 inches of wet spring snow so far today…

       The spring equinox is almost here. A balance point of day and night. The solar beginning of spring. Soon our days will have more light than dark. Are you ready for the way creation bursts forth in spring?  I need to get in the flow! I’ve been scrambling to catch up with/keep up with change and the pace of spring. Letting go of the old (working at the Arts & Cultural Center) to make more room for the new (Nia Classes at the Pavilion, this year’s lambs… Baby chicks…) The tides of spring have made it clear, the time for me to sit and plan is over… time to act is here… adapt the plan as I go… but get going, move along!!
The heralds of Spring are sounding the forward call! The daffodils are proudly displaying their bright trumpets, the peepers (tiny tree frogs) are singing all thru the nights, and the lambs are arriving (in the barn and 2 are living on the front porch.) I’ve even spent a few hours poking around in the garden…clearing out the old and looking to see what is coming up.

         I’ve finally got to spend a couple of days at home, got a few things done….  so I’m feeling less of the frantic urge to catch up…  I’m hoping to slip into the current of spring, settle in and go with the flow…  make some smooth progress into spring rather than the choppy, rush for the past few weeks.   How about you? Are you ready? What newness is coming into your life this spring?

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Time to Adapt Things to Serve You Better…

It’s that time…you know, the one where I ask for your input to arrange classes that will work for the most people. I don’t want to choose a venue or times that would limit your opportunities to enjoy classes. I want to expand the opportunities for us to feel better and get healthier! More options are opening up for us. I want to choose the best ones. Please answer this short survey (6 Questions) to help me choose what works the best for you. Thanks so much!!

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Finally finished the Socks!

Happy Feet!

Happy Feet!

I finally finished the socks! Goodness knows how long they have been on my needles. A year? longer? Of course I immediately began another pair… this time I went up to a needle size 1.5 and  using Conjoined Creations Flat Feet yarn.  I am amazed at how much faster this pair is knitting… I’ve already turned the heel on the first sock!  If I don’t set these down and let them languish….  this pair should be done much sooner. What projects are you working on?  Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to. Of course I also have a shawl in progress and the (infamous) dressing gown (still languishing) …    and boxes of fiber waiting to spin….  I’ve been expressing my creative self through movement and writing lately… not as much making actual “things.”  How is your creative self faring in the monochrome of winter? Feeling any color hunger? I am ready for the return of the colors of spring.

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No class at Georgetown Fitness 2pm tomorrow Feb 2nd

Sorry with road conditions as predicted and registered students not being able to make it.
I will be staying warm and off the roads tomorrow. If you plan to come call me! and I’ll let you know if I can get my car out.

I’ll move with you in spirit from our separate warm locations!
Love Your Body Love Your Life!

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Thank You Body!

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Thank You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past couple of weeks I’ve realized how grateful I am to myself, for all my healthy efforts and to my body for responding to my efforts so that I feel better and actually am better. I often focus on how far I’ve yet to go…. and don’t give myself enough credit for the progress I’ve made. So Thank You Body!
We never know when or if injury or illness will strike. What a blessing and gift to ourselves to be able to face that day if/when it comes from a place of better health. Each “deposit” I make into my health puts me in a better position to heal when I need to.
I’m usually all about “feeling better”, because that ‘s what I notice. Do I feel good? Do I have the energy, ability, mobility… to do what I want to without pain, strain or excessive tiredness?  Now that is has been a couple of years down this (I’ve got to end the pain and feel better) path… I do feel better, much better in all ways. Physically I have less, tiredness abdominal pain, headaches, illness…  I also have more energy, a brighter outlook and a calmer more focused spirit (most days not all days 😉 progress is good!) It is easier to do what I need to do with energy left for what I want to do.  I realize that I not only feel better (which is great!) I am better! What’s not to like about that!
Are you feeling better? perhaps not all the time.. but some of the time?  Can you do a little more than you did before? Celebrate your progress!!  Give yourself credit for all you are doing to gently move yourself closer to health. It is important. Improving our health is as important as anything else very likely more important. Because it affects all aspects of our lives.
What small simple thing will you do for yourself today to feel better and ultimately be a healthier you? Today I will rest more. I’ve been feeling under the weather this past week, so I will let myself rest and regroup. Feeling poorly has really helped me see how much progress I’ve made. I used to feel like this  (and worse) every day… I’m so glad it is unsual now. Thank You Body and Thank You Self for doing what needs to be done to feel better.
Let me know how I can help. I’m glad to help you discover your path to feeling better/being healthier. I have had help along my way, let me help you along yours.

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Winter Weather Day!

          Everything here in the country is covered with ice… so a day to stay home for me.  If you are ever in doubt about whether I will make it in for class Please Call me! The weather plan is to post here and on the classes page if illness, road conditions or … will be keeping me at home. Today the coating of ice blocked the signal…. (satellite internet) so I was unable to post in a timely manner. So I called you.  If you have doubt please call and check. I hate for you to make a trip to class and find I can’t get there.
           Now that the satellite is thawed out… I’ll go try to chip my car out again…. not too successful the first time.  It is beautiful outside…. misty and gray with an edge of sparkle to everything. Wildbirds are very active at the feeders…. The blue jays and hairy woodpeckers chopping up the frozen mass of seed for the smaller birds.  I’ve gotten some needed home care done… cleaned up the kitchen… then messed it up again making choc chip blondies (allergen free)….  they are happily cooling now 10 more minutes till I get to cut them. Yum! Venision thawing to make spaghetti ( brown rice pasta of course!) for dinner.
           I’m off to go see if I can chip my way to open a car door…   once the spaghetti is simmering I plan to settle in with my knitting maybe I’ll actually get this sock finished today!

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I Invite You

Happiest of New Years!      I used this quote in class last week. I like it. It connects so well with Nia’s Sensation Scientist education for everyone. That I decided to post it here in case you didn’t make it to class this week. You can access free educational information from Nia headquarters using the link near the bottom of the “classes” page on this site. This quote is from “Coming Home to Your Body” by Carmen Renee Berry.                                                         “I invite you to join me in an adventure that begins be rejecting traditional notions of the body as an “it,” your possession, a beast to be tamed and mastered. Instead, create a new relationship with your body, allowing yourself to be led, taught, wooed and embraced.         I am the student, my body the teacher as I endeavor to understand more about myself in ways that are not easily described. Sometimes I see myself as a spy trying to crack a secret code. I long to understand the language of my body.                                                                   Become the student, the spy, searcher of priceless knowledge and treasure. Today tune in to your breath. How are you breathing right now? Deeply? Shallowly? Are you breathing at all? Many of my clients forget to breathe for long periods of time. Next identify the emotion your breath is expressing, such as relaxation, anxiety or irritation. What can you learn from your breathing pattern?”                                                                                 This quote speaks clearly to me of what I am doing. Learning to understand better and better what my body is telling me. I don’t feel like the spy example, but the student, the searcher of priceless knowledge… that resonates for me.  I hope to encourage and aid you along your way to understanding your body’s communications… to help you along your path to feeling so much better.  I do this thru class, these posts, emails…   Please let me know if there is more I can do to assist you.

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