I Invite You

Happiest of New Years!      I used this quote in class last week. I like it. It connects so well with Nia’s Sensation Scientist education for everyone. That I decided to post it here in case you didn’t make it to class this week. You can access free educational information from Nia headquarters using the link near the bottom of the “classes” page on this site. This quote is from “Coming Home to Your Body” by Carmen Renee Berry.                                                         “I invite you to join me in an adventure that begins be rejecting traditional notions of the body as an “it,” your possession, a beast to be tamed and mastered. Instead, create a new relationship with your body, allowing yourself to be led, taught, wooed and embraced.         I am the student, my body the teacher as I endeavor to understand more about myself in ways that are not easily described. Sometimes I see myself as a spy trying to crack a secret code. I long to understand the language of my body.                                                                   Become the student, the spy, searcher of priceless knowledge and treasure. Today tune in to your breath. How are you breathing right now? Deeply? Shallowly? Are you breathing at all? Many of my clients forget to breathe for long periods of time. Next identify the emotion your breath is expressing, such as relaxation, anxiety or irritation. What can you learn from your breathing pattern?”                                                                                 This quote speaks clearly to me of what I am doing. Learning to understand better and better what my body is telling me. I don’t feel like the spy example, but the student, the searcher of priceless knowledge… that resonates for me.  I hope to encourage and aid you along your way to understanding your body’s communications… to help you along your path to feeling so much better.  I do this thru class, these posts, emails…   Please let me know if there is more I can do to assist you.

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