Happiest of Holidays!!

      Holiday Treat for us!!! Amy (the Nia teacher I first took classes with) will be teaching Wed December 19th at 10 am!!  Holiday Believe 2012Clear your calendar and come dance with us! I know it is not an easy time when you work during the day… but maybe you can get away just long enough! Shift your lunch time maybe?? This is the only Nia class in Georgetown next week.  If you’ve been missing Amy here’s your chance! 

     There will not be Nia classes on December 20th, 22nd and 26th to allow plenty of holiday celebrating (and recovering from celebrating…) Classes will resume on December 27th (there is class on the 27th) If you feel like you are missing out… put on your Nia music and dance! or pop in a DVD and dance along!

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