Nia Fosters and Nourishes Self Care

One of the beauties of Nia (besides how good it feels and results you can count on) is the way it fosters and nourishes our abilities to self-care and become more self-aware. As we dance, we feel ourselves and discover how we feel. Checking in with our bodies (to see if we are getting carried away in the fun and over doing) begins a conversation.  This conversation becomes a friendship… (how often do we talk with ourselves rather than just berate, criticize or make demands) It is easier to take the time and make the effort to care for our friends and families. When we count ourselves among our “friends and family” it becomes less of a struggle to do what we need to do to help and care for our own well being.  Soon we begin to check in with ourselves at other times during the day… as we become more aware of how we feel and respond to our day to day activities… We begin to choose things that are better for us and degree by degree we shift the direction of our life. Gaining more and more of what we want and less and less of what we don’t want. Oh yeah! let’s dance!

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White Belt Photo Collage

WB collageHere is collage of White Belt training shared by our wonderful trainer Helen Terry. Silly me I took my camera but took very few pictures… all of other people. I’ll do better next time!

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Computer Time Crowded Out

Hi!   Sorry for the gap in posting…. as usual when I add things (new Nia practices and learning/study time) something gets squeezed out for a time while I juggle and adjust…. this time it has been computer time. I think I’m back on track now.

Nia: I think I’ve found a place in Georgetown to have classes! They are checking for available times in their class list to see what times we might be able to use.  I’m learning the routine  “Passion”  and making steady progress.  I’ve reached the point that when I hear several of the songs I know/feel what movements belong there.   I may need to make myself a little  “cheat sheet” Anyone out there aces with mp3 players? I’m having trouble getting Passion onto mine with the songs in the correct order. Worked fine for  Aya and Earthsong (other Nia routines) but it scrambles Passion. the songs are in the wrong order (same wrong order each time) I’ve deleted and put it back on several times with the same results. so I’m not doing something right.

Creative: I really enjoyed sharing how to weave on a Tri-Loom in Mount Sterling yesterday! The ladies there are so nice! It highlighted for me how much I enjoy making things and need to create more time/space… to indulge myself with more color… texture… creative process…   Creative time seems to consistantly be the first thing squeezed out when I get too busy (I’m sure you’ve heard that before) So Time wise I’m way over my head…  lately creative time squeezed down to nothing and computer time squeezed down to email only…. any suggestions about what to give up to free up more time?  I have been practicing layering tasks some and it is helping… like listen to the Nia music while doing home care tasks…

Anniversary: We had a great Labor Day weekend celebrating our 25th anniversary. Hard to believe that we’ve been married so long!  Don came to celebrate with us! We went to Equus Run winery (yum! I joined their wine club 3 bottles a quarter to look forward to) saw the Hunger Games movie ( loved it! love the books more but the movie was great), ate out at several of our favorite places….  enjoyed the blessing of much needed rain!  All in All a great time and much needed change of pace. Business as usual did not reign supreme for days!

That gets things up to date… time to Dance to Passion!

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Pokey and Bubbles Move to the “Big House”

Pokey and Bubbles arrive at the big house.       The little chickens (“Pokey” is darker and “Bubbles” more gray) moved from the front porch to the chicken house. They have been living in a BIG dog crate next to our lovely dog (Myra) on the front porch to protect them.  They are 8 weeks or so old and just wonderful. I have had so much fun with them, grand-kids have too. I’ve been looking on the internet at chicken leashes… Wouldn’t it be a hoot to take them for a walk?  Hopefully the chicken house is well armored against the raccoon marauders.  Last stealth attack was a 4 “man” team of sweet looking babies no more than 2 pounds each. They broke and ate the eggs, gobbled up the chicken food… but left all the chickens whole. Thank -Goodness!  I  heard the commotion and went to battle to chase them out!!  Rotten things! it is a shame they are so deceptively cute.  I’ll be glad when the new chicken house is built.   The concrete supports are done, lumber is stacked and waiting… Time to go close the chicken house door for the night…. looks like we may get a sprinkle of much needed rain!

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I Have White Belt!

I have my White Belt!!  Woo-Hoo!!!  Success!  Training was great! challenging, tiring, so good and full of wonderful beneficial practices and information I don’t know where to start telling you about it. So let’s get together (or email, phone, comment….)  and you can ask me questions to satisfy your curiosity.  Now to make space in my life to incorporate some new  (to me) healthy practices….   I’m re-experiencing the challenge of finding time / energy …  to make some changes… so let me know if you are embracing change. Maybe my tips and experience will help you change smoothly…. and yours may help me.    I’m learning a routine so we can dance soon. We worked with” Passion” in the training so I’m starting with that one.  Are you ready to Dance?

I hope to have some pictures from training soon…. I was so involved in learning…. I only took 1 picture of each of my white belt sisters….   I didn’t get a group shot, tho others did so pictures should arrive soon via email.

Space update: still looking! I have found a couple of possibles…. but the cost is way more than expected… so still looking I’d like to keep prices as low as possible!

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Lucky Star Shining on me!

White Belt IconLucky Star is shining on Me! Change of plans… Canceled the hotel reservations today.  I’ll be staying on a condo within walking distance of the training!!  You know how I get lost… I will spend less time wandering in circles around Louisville this way 😉  Training is starting later so I won’t need to leave home until Sat afternoon to get food in the fridge and to class on time.  Wish you were all coming with me in person, tho I really appreciate your support and good vibes! I think I’m going to have a very special room-mate…. more on that after…

Laura (youngest Granddaughter she just turned 3)  is spending the night with me tonight…. so I’d better head to town and pick her up!

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New To Me Summer Tanager & Red Eft

I’ve been hearing a beautiful, unfamiliar singer along my morning walk…. finally caught sight and got a picture  of himSummer Tanager (he)

and herSummer Tanager (she).   It took me a week to discover they are Summer Tanagers. The resources say it is not uncommon. I wonder why I’ve never seen one before? Have you? Do we just see a red bird and assume it is a Cardinal? I’ll be looking closer from now on!

New to me also is this Red Eft Red Eft out for a walk too. The best I can discover… it is the juvenile form of an aquatic newt. Hatches into a Tadpole type form with external gills and teeth (ouch!)… changes and spends 2 or 3 years as a Red Eft living entirely on land… returns to the water changes again to become an adult. It is a member of the Salamander family. Who knew??

I’m wondering if there are some years that favor specific species. Last spring/summer I saw many many box turtles on walks… this spring/summer few box turtles but many of these Red Efts… I wonder what will be next.

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Is it Time Yet?

Hotel reservations made and confirmed √ Map Quest directions printed √ Now to plan, cook and pack a week of food… (if you know me you already know the “food Saga” so I won’t go into it here. If you don’t know the “saga”… leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll clue you in. Maybe I can help you unravel your dietary snarls and snags.                                                              Is it time to go yet????                                                                                                                            Here is a list of open to the public Nia™ classes during the training.  Master trainer Helen Terry is not to be missed! Hope to see you there!

these classes are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and no Nia experience is necessary. This is an amazing opportunity to take class from a Master Teacher! Clear your schedule!

Come sweat, laugh, play and experience JOY!

Sunday, August 12
11:00am      Routine: R1      Focus: The Joy of Movement
7:15 – 8:30pm SPECIAL EVENT
Sexi Queen Latifah – – craft shop followed by class

Monday, August 13
11:00am    Routine: Passion         Focus: Steps, Stances, and Kicks
5:45pm      Routine: Enigma

Tuesday, August 14
11:00am     Routine: Earthsong      Focus: The Core of the Body
5:45pm       Routine: AfroCelt

Wednesday, August 15
11:00am     Routine: 52 Moves      Focus: X-Ray Anatomy
5:45pm      Routine: Mask & the Mirror

Thursday, August 16

11:00am   Routine: 2 for 1 Sandwich     Focus: FAMSS (Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Stability & Strength)
6:00pm     Routine: Rock Opera

Sunday’s Special Event is $15 in advance and $20 the day of.

All other classes are $15 to drop in.

Shine Class Card Holders pay $5/class.


“Helen Terry is one of the best teachers, mothers, and trainers, and because of her mastery in Nia and in her ability to build and create a successful personal and professional life she was one of the first two trainers chosen to step into the role of Blue Belt trainer!” Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator

“I consider myself an inspirer as much as an educator. I was born to make an inspirational difference in people’s lives through movement to music and how I live my life. When I teach Nia, I adore watching how folks light up! It’s phenomenal how many people’s lives are being changed through this practice. I consider it a blessing to have found Nia and a privilege to teach and share this wonderful technique” Helen Terry

Helen has been devoted to teaching Nia full time since 1993. She has a special and very effective way of catering to the unique needs of each individual. She helps folks feel great while giving them the skills they need. As well as a top international Nia trainer, an entertaining, “to the point” speaker and multiple business owner, Helen is also a wife and mother who loves spending family time with her daughter and “home support” husband.

FOR MORE INFO, contact

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Cropped transparent version of Image:Olympic f...

Yea!! Olympics time! I’m not much of a sports person but I can’t tear myself away from the TV when the Olympics are on. We have broadcast TV so I won’t see it all, but I’ll watch all I can.  You know where I am…. sitting in front of the TV! Go  Team!

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When Where… Nia class poll is up!


The “Let me know when, where and what Nia classes you want” survey is up! Please take a moment to answer this 6 question survey so I can set up classes that will work for you.        thanks so much!!!

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