“I am Lucky. I have a Nest, Food, the Young Ones are Growing and Learning…”

Mama Bird says Whaat?


The baby birds on the porch flew last week. I miss them. I enjoy watching the whole nesting… hatching… process. Most years a different type of bird takes up residence. Sometimes swallows, last year a wren family, I think this time it’s Phoebe (s)? or some other species of Fly-Catcher. I hope they return and raise another brood this summer. Watching them feels peaceful and uplifting to me. No matter what is going on in my

Where did they go? Oh well I've got the whole nest to myself now!

Where did they go? Oh well I’ve got the whole nest to myself now!                       

personal world, the natural world continues on… raising families and singing about the day. “I am lucky. I have a nest, food, the young ones are growing and learning…”  Why do I stress about what is happening? Why do I worry about the future? ” I am lucky. I have a nest, food, the young…” I am reminded, look to the future, plan and take action toward the future you want but don’t stress/worry. “I am lucky. I have a nest, food…”  Glance back to the past to refresh lessons learned… but don’t live there. Live now, right this moment! Don’t let it slip by un-lived It is true “I am lucky! I have a nest…”   Thank you my feathered friends for the timely wise reminder!

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