Spirited Movement classes for a Healthy Body and Life

Nia® Classes:
What is Nia? Nia is an exhilarating barefoot cardio workout combining martial arts, dance and healing arts. A sensory based dynamic fitness and lifestyle practice that changes how people experience their body and exercise!
How does Nia work? Nia teaches you to listen to your body’s sensations as a method to achieve your fitness goals. Nia uses 52 moves to increase your range of motion, strength, flexibility, agility and stability.
Don’t like to exercise but know you would feel better and be healthier if you’d just do it? Try Nia® the fun and expressive way to move!
Come dance, kick, stretch, shake and laugh with us!
ALL Fitness Levels are invited to Experience the Joy of Movement.
YOU will be encouraged to move in safe, grounded, organic ways to  world music in order to receive the many holistic benefits Nia offers.
Why do Nia? Nia gets you in your body, it’s fun
and it delivers results.

Wednesday at 5 pm Gentle Nia
Location: Actors Playhouse of Georgetown (209 West Jefferson Street) $5/person.

 Friday 9 am Classic Nia
Location: Actors Playhouse of Georgetown (209 West Jefferson Street) $5/person

Other times/locations available by request
Want me to bring Nia® to your group, event, retreat, employees…? Just let me know what will work for you.

Group classes are ongoing… private and small group classes available by appointment.

For details, to register, questions… contact:
Beth Stone
502 316-3651
or  Feel Better Ky Facebook

Additional Classes:

Getting the Most From your Nia® Experience:
Curious about Nia®? Heard the “buzz” and wonder what is Nia®? Now is the time to find out! Ask your questions, air your concerns and get your curiosity satisfied! Informational handouts, tips to maximize your experience…

Discovering Nia®:
Ever feel like you have two left feet? Avoid the mirrors in class? Demystify the steps and stances of Nia® and uncover your inner dancer. Each one hour private clinic will focus on your body’s way to move and help you build the confidence needed to embrace your beauty as you dance through life. This one on one time will allow you to trust in your muscle memory, relax your nervous system and discover your connection to universal joy!

Journaling… Write Yourself into a Better Life
There are so many styles, types and techniques for journaling. This “form” was an “ah-ha” moment for me… a simple leap.
If you are interested this class could continue… as we explore our way through.
Materials including a 29 page booklet provided.

              Of course, if there are better times and spaces for you let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
                        I look forward to hearing from you!!  Beth

Looking for Nia classes in Lexington? contact:               or click: Nia Classes in Lexington
Classes in Louisville? click: Shine – a wellness studio
Click here for the Nia Headquarters site


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