The Voice of Self-Care

Cardinal Ornament 2012The voice of self care is like birdsong, often overlooked in our modern, busy lifestyles. Please take a moment to tune in hear/sense what you need to do to help yourself along your path to feeling better and allow a little time and effort for self care. You will thank yourself and the people who love you will thank you too! Wild birds are around all seasons of the year. When you hear birdsong let it remind you to check in and see what self care would benefit you in that moment. Holiday activities, preparations, celebrations… can squeeze our time until we care for everything but ourselves… If you get off track please don’t beat yourself up! Just Glitter Gold Birdget back on track. Now, not later or next week…  Indulging in wondrous food is a part of the way we celebrate so indulge, enjoy, then wisely get right back on track. Please don’t let it become a long slide down that slippery slope…. just gently and kindly resume good self care and soon you’ll be moving along feeling better and better Hope your holidays are joyous!! 

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