Start Right Here Right Now

Spirited Movement for Body and Soul

          Something I really appreciate about Nia® is the way you start right here right now, wherever you are. There is room for all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter, start (where ever you are on the spectrum of ability)… feel the pleasure of what you can do, move near your edge of comfort… but stay in what feels good to your body. It is easy to get carried away by the emotion, the fun, the spirit… and out pace your body. Then you may end up sore and perhaps doubting yourself. Stay with the physical sensation in your body (tired muscles are good, hurting, exhausted or feelings of strain are not good) and progress over time without the setbacks of soreness and strain. In time, your body will keep up with your emotion and spirit and you will be dancing freely. Making friends with yourself will have profound effects in your life! Listen to your self-talk, would you say those things in that way to your friend? probably not. Would you sit quietly while your friend was causing themselves pain? or say “ease off a little, you are going a bit too far”?  I’m here to say “ease off a little here…  be kind to yourself”. While we are at it, let’s celebrate our successes and accomplishments too okay? not just the big ones but the things we accomplish every day that keeps things going. We all do far more then we give ourselves credit for.

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