Our Class Focus for June is Befriending our Bodies…

Life is so much easier and we progress so much faster with our health (and other) goals when we are tuned in to our bodies rather than at odds with them. So this month we are exercising our self-friendship skills.

The first week, we practiced listening… really settling in and focusing on sensation. Our bodies communicate with the rest of us via sensation both physical sensations and less tangible sensations of stability, ease… There was  a time in my life when it was a point of pride to me, to be able to ignore and completely tune out physical pain so I could do what I wanted to do… What an unhealthy and non-helpful attitude! The damaging effects of that misplaced pride were far reaching on my body and my life. I may have been able to “do what I wanted” in the moment but in the long term my body became less and less able to function resulting in a constrained and unhappy me. I was constantly in pain. Separating myself from the sensation based communications of my body did nothing to improve, heal, condition or help.
Happily now I feel good most days… and great quite often. Take time to listen to the information your body is telling you before it becomes a scream and it will be so much easier for you to tend the ouch and celebrate the physical joys. So what to do with this new information you are “hearing” from your body?

  • Rest when you are tired.
  • Explore and then adapt how you move and the way you do things for your greatest ease and comfort (there is no virtue in making things more difficult for yourself than they are. We all experience plenty of difficulties without adding more.)
  • Ice, heat, massage, gentle movement, gentle stretches… give your body what it needs.With mindful attention your body will reveal to you what it needs and you will begin to improve the way you function and move. Finding more joyful and feeling good days than before. You spend your entire life with your body… be friendly not demanding and judgmental and your body will reward you.
    June says Roses to me so I chose a picture of a great rose garden today.

    June says Roses to me so I chose a picture of a great rose garden today.

    Next  we will be  a tiny self-care challenge for you… Caring for our bodies as we would a friend rather than a piece of machinery…

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Wow! Self-Healing and Anti-Ageing on the Cellular Level!

ASEA_BottleI’m so excited, I have to tell everyone! I can’t keep my mouth shut when something can benefit so many people.
I’ve started taking a breakthrough supplement that empowers the body to heal itself by increasing cellular efficiency, function and communication.
Self-healing and anti-aging on the level of our cells! WOW!  It’s called Asea. Have you heard of it? Are you interested? Contact me to find out more.
email: feelbetterky@gmail.com

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Don’t Worry!

time to transform!

time to transform!

Hello there!
It has been a while since I’ve posted… sorry. Don’t worry if you see lots of changes… (name change, visual changes)… here. I’m re-branding and streamlining to serve you better. I’ve been spending so much time learning to use facebook, automating the address list for the newsletter… that I let this site go fallow. I’m back now to plow it up, pull the weeds and plant some great content. The names and visuals may change… but it’s still me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, suggestions…   Let me know what you think of the changes! It is such a beautiful day outside today. I hope you have a chance to get outdoors and enjoy. The window’s open, nice breeze blowing on me… and I’m heading to the garden as soon as I finished here

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Holding the SunHappy Solstice (and every day!) to you!

We have the longest daylight time of the year today… let’s make good use of it.  For self-care, fun, time in nature, time with loved ones, contemplation….  I know how hard it is to make/take time. Allow the powerful sun to remind you to shine on yourself and your needs today.

Are you on track with the goals and hopes you have for yourself this year? This is a good time to check in with yourself, see where you are and if you are headed where you want to go. Remember tiny changes accumulated over time produce the best long term results. What tiny step can you begin today to feel better? Now, do it. If you would like help refining/articulating or turning the big picture into tiny steps. Let me know. I’m happy to work with you.

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“I am Lucky. I have a Nest, Food, the Young Ones are Growing and Learning…”

Mama Bird says Whaat?


The baby birds on the porch flew last week. I miss them. I enjoy watching the whole nesting… hatching… process. Most years a different type of bird takes up residence. Sometimes swallows, last year a wren family, I think this time it’s Phoebe (s)? or some other species of Fly-Catcher. I hope they return and raise another brood this summer. Watching them feels peaceful and uplifting to me. No matter what is going on in my

Where did they go? Oh well I've got the whole nest to myself now!

Where did they go? Oh well I’ve got the whole nest to myself now!                       

personal world, the natural world continues on… raising families and singing about the day. “I am lucky. I have a nest, food, the young ones are growing and learning…”  Why do I stress about what is happening? Why do I worry about the future? ” I am lucky. I have a nest, food, the young…” I am reminded, look to the future, plan and take action toward the future you want but don’t stress/worry. “I am lucky. I have a nest, food…”  Glance back to the past to refresh lessons learned… but don’t live there. Live now, right this moment! Don’t let it slip by un-lived It is true “I am lucky! I have a nest…”   Thank you my feathered friends for the timely wise reminder!

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Get In Your Body

Nia get in your baod

“Getting in Your Body is all about listening to sensation, choosing pleasure, and making choices that help you be more body-aware in each moment. When you’re in your body, you feel better, look better, eat better, and make healthier choices all around. Whether you take Nia classes, dance the public workout DVDs at home, or enjoy listening to NiaSounds compilations, we want to know: How do you get in your body?”

I saw this great image and quote on the Nia headquarters site and it has inspired me to have “Get in your body” as our focus for class this week. Please email, use Facebook, comment on the blog…. and let me know how You get into Your Body.
If you decide to do some shopping with the links above don’t forget the stop by my profile page http://www.nianow.com/niabird  and click on the purple button to open up price reductions for you.

Getting out of my head and into my body really allows me to enjoy the moment to experience the here and now. What a relief! Set aside all the stories of the past and future running in my mind and settle into the sensations and experience of each moment as it happens. I feel better, my energy is better I am uplifted! friction and resistance are less…


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Spring? at last!

March 2012 bulbsI am really enjoying these sunny days! Spring at last! I hope you had a relaxing and fun Easter weekend. I enjoyed mine! the Easter Bunny brought us some pansies and bulbs (even planted them!) and some more chicks. Anything springlike at your house? Saturday I got a little early planting done in the garden…. Rhubarb, asparagus, scallions, beets, carrots.  I’ve been getting my few moments with nature have you? remember the healthy tip from last weeks email?

Healthy Tip:  Spending just a few moments in nature is healing and balancing to us.  Step outside, take a few breaths…. and just notice what is happening in the natural world today. The sky, plants, animals… whatever  you see, hear, feel…  Just take note of the natural world around you and you will begin to feel more in sync.  Don’t have the opportunity to go outside? Weather too icky…  perhaps there is a tree outside your window, you could notice a bird visiting the tree or the buds swelling with life….  or like today, the rain falling down.  No window?  search for images of nature on the internet  and rest your eyes and mind on them.  Give yourself the gift of a few shared moments with Nature and you will feel better for it.”

In Nia classes last week we focused on “The body’s way” and  “Our body’s way”  That focus helped me to see the progress I’ve made over time with Nia.   I feel so much better, have so much more energy, motivation….  I can move much more freely and easily, so my day to day activities are easier to do… Truly it is a win! win! win! for me. I hope you are seeing these great results too! What has your experience been like?

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