Winter Weather Day!

          Everything here in the country is covered with ice… so a day to stay home for me.  If you are ever in doubt about whether I will make it in for class Please Call me! The weather plan is to post here and on the classes page if illness, road conditions or … will be keeping me at home. Today the coating of ice blocked the signal…. (satellite internet) so I was unable to post in a timely manner. So I called you.  If you have doubt please call and check. I hate for you to make a trip to class and find I can’t get there.
           Now that the satellite is thawed out… I’ll go try to chip my car out again…. not too successful the first time.  It is beautiful outside…. misty and gray with an edge of sparkle to everything. Wildbirds are very active at the feeders…. The blue jays and hairy woodpeckers chopping up the frozen mass of seed for the smaller birds.  I’ve gotten some needed home care done… cleaned up the kitchen… then messed it up again making choc chip blondies (allergen free)….  they are happily cooling now 10 more minutes till I get to cut them. Yum! Venision thawing to make spaghetti ( brown rice pasta of course!) for dinner.
           I’m off to go see if I can chip my way to open a car door…   once the spaghetti is simmering I plan to settle in with my knitting maybe I’ll actually get this sock finished today!

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