Welcome!! I’m glad you are here!
Why on earth a blog you ask?
I want to encourage you to take small simple steps on your path to feel better and to help you figure out what those steps are. I’m not here to push, drive, demand… you to “work harder”… I’m here to encourage, support, incite… you to make the changes you want to make to feel better and enjoy life more. To help you discover your way of being.
Nia® friends wanting to keep up with my Nia® experiences, training and classes will probably be most interested in the Nia® Bird posts and classes page.
Several of you have asked for a way to keep in touch in between our monthly Let’s Get Together, other artistic endeavors and classes…  you will probably be most interested in the Creating Bird posts
Those interested in my daily walks in nature and our farm will be more interested in the Country Bird posts…

You get the idea, I’m sure.

If you don’t know me yet… I’m glad to “meet you”  Please “click” in where ever you want and let me know what you think!
What do we have in common so that I might have an idea how you feel? I have taken small and huge steps to feel better, you can too.

  • I’ve served in the navy, worked in corporate America, a mom, a wife (second marriage now) a grandmother, owned a small retail business, artisan/artist, live on a small farm, currently conducting Nia® classes…
  • Health challenges: weight, multiple food allergies, IBS, mobility, allergies in general…
  • Interests: Feeling good!!! creativity, making things, health, country living, green lifestyle, alternative health….

I’m sure we can find common ground together.

Thanks! hope you find something that interests you here!


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