Pokey and Bubbles Move to the “Big House”

Pokey and Bubbles arrive at the big house.       The little chickens (“Pokey” is darker and “Bubbles” more gray) moved from the front porch to the chicken house. They have been living in a BIG dog crate next to our lovely dog (Myra) on the front porch to protect them.  They are 8 weeks or so old and just wonderful. I have had so much fun with them, grand-kids have too. I’ve been looking on the internet at chicken leashes… Wouldn’t it be a hoot to take them for a walk?  Hopefully the chicken house is well armored against the raccoon marauders.  Last stealth attack was a 4 “man” team of sweet looking babies no more than 2 pounds each. They broke and ate the eggs, gobbled up the chicken food… but left all the chickens whole. Thank -Goodness!  I  heard the commotion and went to battle to chase them out!!  Rotten things! it is a shame they are so deceptively cute.  I’ll be glad when the new chicken house is built.   The concrete supports are done, lumber is stacked and waiting… Time to go close the chicken house door for the night…. looks like we may get a sprinkle of much needed rain!

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