I Have White Belt!

I have my White Belt!!  Woo-Hoo!!!  Success!  Training was great! challenging, tiring, so good and full of wonderful beneficial practices and information I don’t know where to start telling you about it. So let’s get together (or email, phone, comment….)  and you can ask me questions to satisfy your curiosity.  Now to make space in my life to incorporate some new  (to me) healthy practices….   I’m re-experiencing the challenge of finding time / energy …  to make some changes… so let me know if you are embracing change. Maybe my tips and experience will help you change smoothly…. and yours may help me.    I’m learning a routine so we can dance soon. We worked with” Passion” in the training so I’m starting with that one.  Are you ready to Dance?

I hope to have some pictures from training soon…. I was so involved in learning…. I only took 1 picture of each of my white belt sisters….   I didn’t get a group shot, tho others did so pictures should arrive soon via email.

Space update: still looking! I have found a couple of possibles…. but the cost is way more than expected… so still looking I’d like to keep prices as low as possible!

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