Nia Fosters and Nourishes Self Care

One of the beauties of Nia (besides how good it feels and results you can count on) is the way it fosters and nourishes our abilities to self-care and become more self-aware. As we dance, we feel ourselves and discover how we feel. Checking in with our bodies (to see if we are getting carried away in the fun and over doing) begins a conversation.  This conversation becomes a friendship… (how often do we talk with ourselves rather than just berate, criticize or make demands) It is easier to take the time and make the effort to care for our friends and families. When we count ourselves among our “friends and family” it becomes less of a struggle to do what we need to do to help and care for our own well being.  Soon we begin to check in with ourselves at other times during the day… as we become more aware of how we feel and respond to our day to day activities… We begin to choose things that are better for us and degree by degree we shift the direction of our life. Gaining more and more of what we want and less and less of what we don’t want. Oh yeah! let’s dance!

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