June Creative Time

During the month of June, this little bird didn’t make/take… as much time as I wanted for creating. Sound familiar? It’s so easy to just set it aside to do one more task and poof! next thing you know time has passed.

I did have fun with a dye-pot and Tammy’s alpaca fiber.

3 ply woolI’ve been clearing off my bobbins so I can get busy spinning Ken’s alpaca. Once his is done I’ve earned some to spin for myself 🙂 This is 3 ply 1 multi (pinks purples/blues) 2 (tone on tone black.) One more set of bobbins to clear off black llama plied with I haven’t decided yet… and then I’m ready for the alpaca.

Made a little progress on my sock…

Enjoyed “Let’s Get Together June,” nice to watch Amy cast off several projects (now that she knows how!) Unlike mine… no mistakes on Amy’s projects. Love Mary’s new foot rest.

paper water lillyWent to a fun paper flower class…  This is the waterlily I made in class. It folds flat so you can slip it in an envelope and mail it.

I’m looking forward to a Flower Garden Flag class in July… Can’t wait to make a great outdoor flag to display.

Perfectly Pastels continues in August. This time we will learn about under painting. I’m ready to try out my new colors. I hope to work with them before class… but if the recent past is any indicator, less time than I’d like…

Time to start a new pattern! Neglect something else (non-living) and spend more time creating things!

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Nianow profile

Below is the current content of my profile on NiaNow  I’m working to get a picture up there. I have a few on the camera just have to get them on the computer and see if i can live with any of them.

L Beth Stone Sadieville 40370  United States

A deep bow of gratitude to Amy Ross for introducing me to Nia, teaching great classes and walking this path ahead of me.

During the first class I felt ” Oh Yeah, this is for me!!” I purchased the  “The Nia Technique” book started studying and practicing. Over time I realized I want to carry this work forward. Share Nia with people and help keep classes going in our small community. So I started saving for White Belt training. I’ve been on the Nia path for about 2 years and just registered for White Belt training. Here we go!

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6-2-12 Nia White Belt Training registration!

WOOO -HOOO!! I did it!  I just registered for Nia White Belt Training.     I’ve been saving since last September… sold some looms and knitting equipment last week… I still have to get the rest of the $ together. Hope more of my equipment sells.       I don’t feel like I thought I would. I expected to feel so excited, just humming with energy… but instead I’m glad but solemn and quiet. This is huge for me, big investment, big dream time to really stretch myself.

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Hello world!

Welcome!! I’m glad you are here!

Why on earth a blog you ask?

Several of you have asked for a way to keep in touch in between our monthly Let’s Get Together, other artistic endeavors and classes…  you will probably be most interested in the Creating Bird posts

Nia friends wanting to keep up with my Nia experiences, training and classes will probably be most interested in the Nia Bird posts

Those interested in my daily walks in nature and our farm will be more interested in the Country Bird posts…

You get the idea here I’m sure.

If you don’t know me yet… I’m glad to “meet you”  Please “click” in where ever you want and let me know what you think!

Thanks! hope you find something that interests you here!

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