Computer Time Crowded Out

Hi!   Sorry for the gap in posting…. as usual when I add things (new Nia practices and learning/study time) something gets squeezed out for a time while I juggle and adjust…. this time it has been computer time. I think I’m back on track now.

Nia: I think I’ve found a place in Georgetown to have classes! They are checking for available times in their class list to see what times we might be able to use.  I’m learning the routine  “Passion”  and making steady progress.  I’ve reached the point that when I hear several of the songs I know/feel what movements belong there.   I may need to make myself a little  “cheat sheet” Anyone out there aces with mp3 players? I’m having trouble getting Passion onto mine with the songs in the correct order. Worked fine for  Aya and Earthsong (other Nia routines) but it scrambles Passion. the songs are in the wrong order (same wrong order each time) I’ve deleted and put it back on several times with the same results. so I’m not doing something right.

Creative: I really enjoyed sharing how to weave on a Tri-Loom in Mount Sterling yesterday! The ladies there are so nice! It highlighted for me how much I enjoy making things and need to create more time/space… to indulge myself with more color… texture… creative process…   Creative time seems to consistantly be the first thing squeezed out when I get too busy (I’m sure you’ve heard that before) So Time wise I’m way over my head…  lately creative time squeezed down to nothing and computer time squeezed down to email only…. any suggestions about what to give up to free up more time?  I have been practicing layering tasks some and it is helping… like listen to the Nia music while doing home care tasks…

Anniversary: We had a great Labor Day weekend celebrating our 25th anniversary. Hard to believe that we’ve been married so long!  Don came to celebrate with us! We went to Equus Run winery (yum! I joined their wine club 3 bottles a quarter to look forward to) saw the Hunger Games movie ( loved it! love the books more but the movie was great), ate out at several of our favorite places….  enjoyed the blessing of much needed rain!  All in All a great time and much needed change of pace. Business as usual did not reign supreme for days!

That gets things up to date… time to Dance to Passion!

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