Get In Your Body

Nia get in your baod

“Getting in Your Body is all about listening to sensation, choosing pleasure, and making choices that help you be more body-aware in each moment. When you’re in your body, you feel better, look better, eat better, and make healthier choices all around. Whether you take Nia classes, dance the public workout DVDs at home, or enjoy listening to NiaSounds compilations, we want to know: How do you get in your body?”

I saw this great image and quote on the Nia headquarters site and it has inspired me to have “Get in your body” as our focus for class this week. Please email, use Facebook, comment on the blog…. and let me know how You get into Your Body.
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Getting out of my head and into my body really allows me to enjoy the moment to experience the here and now. What a relief! Set aside all the stories of the past and future running in my mind and settle into the sensations and experience of each moment as it happens. I feel better, my energy is better I am uplifted! friction and resistance are less…


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