Spring? at last!

March 2012 bulbsI am really enjoying these sunny days! Spring at last! I hope you had a relaxing and fun Easter weekend. I enjoyed mine! the Easter Bunny brought us some pansies and bulbs (even planted them!) and some more chicks. Anything springlike at your house? Saturday I got a little early planting done in the garden…. Rhubarb, asparagus, scallions, beets, carrots.  I’ve been getting my few moments with nature have you? remember the healthy tip from last weeks email?

Healthy Tip:  Spending just a few moments in nature is healing and balancing to us.  Step outside, take a few breaths…. and just notice what is happening in the natural world today. The sky, plants, animals… whatever  you see, hear, feel…  Just take note of the natural world around you and you will begin to feel more in sync.  Don’t have the opportunity to go outside? Weather too icky…  perhaps there is a tree outside your window, you could notice a bird visiting the tree or the buds swelling with life….  or like today, the rain falling down.  No window?  search for images of nature on the internet  and rest your eyes and mind on them.  Give yourself the gift of a few shared moments with Nature and you will feel better for it.”

In Nia classes last week we focused on “The body’s way” and  “Our body’s way”  That focus helped me to see the progress I’ve made over time with Nia.   I feel so much better, have so much more energy, motivation….  I can move much more freely and easily, so my day to day activities are easier to do… Truly it is a win! win! win! for me. I hope you are seeing these great results too! What has your experience been like?

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