Are You Ready For Spring?

over 5 inches of wet spring snow so far today...

over 5 inches of wet spring snow so far today…

       The spring equinox is almost here. A balance point of day and night. The solar beginning of spring. Soon our days will have more light than dark. Are you ready for the way creation bursts forth in spring?  I need to get in the flow! I’ve been scrambling to catch up with/keep up with change and the pace of spring. Letting go of the old (working at the Arts & Cultural Center) to make more room for the new (Nia Classes at the Pavilion, this year’s lambs… Baby chicks…) The tides of spring have made it clear, the time for me to sit and plan is over… time to act is here… adapt the plan as I go… but get going, move along!!
The heralds of Spring are sounding the forward call! The daffodils are proudly displaying their bright trumpets, the peepers (tiny tree frogs) are singing all thru the nights, and the lambs are arriving (in the barn and 2 are living on the front porch.) I’ve even spent a few hours poking around in the garden…clearing out the old and looking to see what is coming up.

         I’ve finally got to spend a couple of days at home, got a few things done….  so I’m feeling less of the frantic urge to catch up…  I’m hoping to slip into the current of spring, settle in and go with the flow…  make some smooth progress into spring rather than the choppy, rush for the past few weeks.   How about you? Are you ready? What newness is coming into your life this spring?

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