June Creative Time

During the month of June, this little bird didn’t make/take… as much time as I wanted for creating. Sound familiar? It’s so easy to just set it aside to do one more task and poof! next thing you know time has passed.

I did have fun with a dye-pot and Tammy’s alpaca fiber.

3 ply woolI’ve been clearing off my bobbins so I can get busy spinning Ken’s alpaca. Once his is done I’ve earned some to spin for myself 🙂 This is 3 ply 1 multi (pinks purples/blues) 2 (tone on tone black.) One more set of bobbins to clear off black llama plied with I haven’t decided yet… and then I’m ready for the alpaca.

Made a little progress on my sock…

Enjoyed “Let’s Get Together June,” nice to watch Amy cast off several projects (now that she knows how!) Unlike mine… no mistakes on Amy’s projects. Love Mary’s new foot rest.

paper water lillyWent to a fun paper flower class…  This is the waterlily I made in class. It folds flat so you can slip it in an envelope and mail it.

I’m looking forward to a Flower Garden Flag class in July… Can’t wait to make a great outdoor flag to display.

Perfectly Pastels continues in August. This time we will learn about under painting. I’m ready to try out my new colors. I hope to work with them before class… but if the recent past is any indicator, less time than I’d like…

Time to start a new pattern! Neglect something else (non-living) and spend more time creating things!

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