Nianow profile

Below is the current content of my profile on NiaNow  I’m working to get a picture up there. I have a few on the camera just have to get them on the computer and see if i can live with any of them.

L Beth Stone Sadieville 40370  United States

A deep bow of gratitude to Amy Ross for introducing me to Nia, teaching great classes and walking this path ahead of me.

During the first class I felt ” Oh Yeah, this is for me!!” I purchased the  “The Nia Technique” book started studying and practicing. Over time I realized I want to carry this work forward. Share Nia with people and help keep classes going in our small community. So I started saving for White Belt training. I’ve been on the Nia path for about 2 years and just registered for White Belt training. Here we go!

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